Crossroads is presented every Wednesday evening at 9pm (UK time) on
Black Diamond FM by musician Dick Gaughan

Black Diamond

Black Diamond FM is a volunteer-run community radio station which broadcasts to Midlothian and South Edinburgh on 107.8FM

You can also listen live online around the world at BDFM Live

Dick Gaughan

Dick grew up in Leith in a musical family which included Irish, Scots and Gaelic traditional music and songs, Country, Skiffle, Blues and Jazz - and just about everything else.

He began playing music at the age of six and is now in his 42nd year as a full-time professional. He is a former / founder member of the bands Boys of the Lough, Five Hand Reel and Clan Alba, tours regularly all around the world, has recorded 15 solo albums and a couple of dozen collaborations with others. Has also guested on a large number of recordings as musician or producer.

Dick was inducted into the Scots Trad Music Hall of Fame in 2008 and in 2010 he was given a Lifetime Achievement Award by BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards.

"Crossroads" reflects his wide-ranging interest in all kinds of music and his belief that rigidly classifying music under labels like "Folk" or "Jazz" makes little sense. So you'll hear everything and anything from unaccompanied Scots Gaelic songs to Southern Baptist hymns through Delta Blues to the heaviest rock and 50s bebop.

If you have open ears and an open mind and simply want intelligent music, regardless of "style", then welcome to Crossroads